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Audit Seo

Free SEO Audit here

Technical problems that prevent proper indexing of your website.

An analysis report of your free website.
Incorrect positioning of your site because of its structure?
An audit is necessary before further work.

A report will be sent in PDF:


We offer this audit so you can understand the elements that Fraine your good positioning.
Things like:

  • - unfilled h1 tags
  • - images without alt
  • - an accommodation that lacks power
  • - too heavy web pages (CCS multiple minimized or not ...)
  • - Absentee titles
  • - h1 duplicates on a single page
  • - a number of weak words on other pages
  • - poor average weights of keywords
  • - ...

Request your free SEO report

Our free SEO audit report will allow you to analyze the main blocking factors of your website.
It will let you know how much an intervention must be done.

Free SEO Audit here


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